To Survive, You Need to Follow the Bubbles

Whether you are an entrepreneur or small business organization, one thing is for certain, we are all experiencing a few form of disruption in our business because of Covid-19. For a completely small handful of agencies, this unprecedented change is a wonderful one for their enterprise, even as a substantially more variety have now not been so lucky.

Sadly, we are seeing greater groups experiencing the bad consequences and feelings of the virus outbreak, turning the commercial enterprise and its personnel lives the wrong way up. We now all need to discover ways to navigate our lives and organizations during this time of lifestyles upended.

In helicopter training, students ought to take part in an underwater survival education; a simulation of being submerged in water in which they need to find their way out of the plane. As air bubbles upward push to the surface, people are informed to follow the bubbles to break out and make their manner to the surface for air-to continue to exist.

For many groups, they’re upside down because of the pandemic and are suffering to get proper side up and live to tell the tale.

Like so, so many entrepreneurs, I too, have skilled a myriad of feelings and mind about how to function my business all through these tough instances. I’ve had days after I’m completely upbeat about the free time available to take on new projects or learn something new.There also are times after I sense stuck, sad, disturbing, lost and surprise what the following day can be like and how will I get via this.

Then I remembered a announcing my grandfather could inform my mother. He might tell her not to fear approximately the following day, because the following day by no means comes, because tomorrow will become these days.

Remembering that saying gave me a brand new attitude and the energy I had to take a large deep breath, follow the bubbles after which kick like hell to attain the floor.

Now with sparkling air in my lungs and a clear thoughts, I’d like to share with you only some things that I am doing to maintain my thoughts in the sport of ‘this too shall skip and I want to be ready for whilst it does’.

Review your present day techniques and exchange route wherein vital

Last 12 months in Q4, I implemented a brand new prospecting approach the usage of LinkedIn that became gaining traction. Through the manner we unobtrusively asked a connection and a subsequent non-salesy observe up. We have been seeing some superb consequences. That system has now been put on preserve.

I’m of the notion thatat this time people are not looking for connections for commercial enterprise functions. New business connections definitely are not on their radar proper now. They are seeking out the human connection that we are able to offer. Therefore, we’re the usage of the LinkedIn platform to offer hope and concept to others to boost them up so they can also ‘grasp a breath of sparkling air’.

Everything I do round commercial enterprise advertising and marketing and operations needs to be reviewed and accessed to decide its relevance on this upside-down world. If it doesn’t sense suitable or would not upload value to the enterprise or to our clients, it needs to be restructured to what does feel right.