Hiring Seniority Worth the Money

When I was growing up, I had this imaginative and prescient of corporate America being a conveyor belt of some kind. You graduate from university and hop at the belt, which symbolizes your profession. I idea in case you stayed at the belt, you’ll in the end progress ahead, meaning you work your way up through the ranks by means of working diligently and getting promoted for your efforts.

From my experience, I see this “seniority system” used in lots of businesses nowadays. As with any device, there are each blessings and downsides to the “seniority device,” and taking the time to evaluate them thoroughly will assist you’re making the satisfactory hiring decisions to your team.

The pros of the “seniority device”:

Seniority-primarily based systems nurture an surroundings of organization loyalty. New hires and enterprise veterans alike can have more business enterprise loyalty due to the fact they recognise they are a member of an organization which values the effort and time they’ve given to the company.

Companies that typically sell primarily based on “seniority systems” are much less probable to have issues with objectivity in the course of the interview and promoting tactics. Your organization would possibly have simply promoted the kid from the monetary offerings branch because he’s a genius with numbers, however it’s going to elevate a few purple flags to other personnel after they find out that this whiz youngster is the boss’s nephew. Sticking to a “seniority system” gets rid of capability favoritism and bias from the hiring and advertising approaches.